Energon SA cares about the high quality of the services provided that meet the needs and expectations of our clients and comply with legal regulations.

We are a company whose staff is substantively prepared and has extensive experience in services in the field of steel and concrete corrosion as well as industrial insulation.

We want to strengthen the image of Energon SA as a reliable, trustworthy partner that cares about the good of the client.

We know that the implementation of the above plans is primarily related to the timely and comprehensive performance of services of the highest quality level.

The primary goal of Energon SA is to provide current and potential customers with services and goods in line with their requirements and expectations.

During their implementation, we commit ourselves to:

  • Review and improvement of the quality management organization
  • Continuous improvement of the level of services provided
  • Taking care of the high quality of the goods offered
  • Preventing errors and reducing the quantity complaints
  • Continuous improvement of our employees’ competences
  • Commitment of all employees to quality issues

All employees are responsible for the quality of their work, and thus for the quality of services provided, and only strict adherence to the objectives of the quality policy will ensure success for our Company.

To ensure the credibility of our efforts to provide high-quality services that meet the constantly growing requirements of customers, we are obliged to strictly adhere to the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001.

The Management Board of Energon SA declares that the principles of this policy are implemented, understood and followed by all employees, and that the policy is generally available to interested parties.