Characteristics of production capacities:

  • Sandblasting: external surfaces – up to 1500 m2 per day, surfaces in tanks – up to 500 m2 per day.
  • Corrosion protection is made in a modern blasting workshop, paint workshop or at the customer’s place.
  • Surface preparation (cleaning).
  • Surface washing – water under pressure 100-1000 bar.
  • Sand blasting – abrasive blasting (abrasive material based on sand or copper), dust-free technology also possible.
  • Shot blasting – abrasive blasting, where steel is steel shot.
  • Hydroblasting (waterjetting) – cleaning the surface with a very high-pressure water (up to 2500 bar).
  • Protective coatings – application.
  • Painting using the following method: airless (hydrodynamic) and aerial spraying.
  • Fire protection – intumescent, fire-resistant paints of “Flame control” type.
  • Galvanizing / aluminizing – metallization – spraying coatings of zinc, aluminum or Zn85Al15 alloy.
  • Surface lamination.
  • Rubberizing – chemically resistant rubber coatings up to 3 mm thick and above.

Our company offers steel sand blasting services up to the highest class of purity – There are three of them to prepare the surface for specialized paints, and to prepare spray metallization and other coatings. Our procedures are based on the use of abrasives from well-known and valued suppliers. What’s more, we also carry out work on concrete surfaces at new construction sites and renovations. In the above case, we usually work on construction sites, where flexibility and mobility are important.

We provide sand-blasting services here and on the client’s premises:

  • steel and metal constructions (bridges, train stations, etc.)
  • agricultural machinery
  • mechanical elements
  • motorcycles, scooters
  • concrete blasting
  • brick cleaning and renovation of old objects
  • cars
  • heavy goods vehicles
  • balustrades, fences, gates, handrails
  • tanks
  • every rim and alloy wheel
  • various types of machines and construction elements