Our company has made many fire protection systems for steel structures connected with commercial, office and industrial facilities.

One of the main producers which we take advantage of is Carboline Polska, a producer of, among others, Flame Stal system. Flame Stal is a fire-resistant paint based on modified resins and it’s thixotropic and single-component. When high temperatures are used, Flame Stal foams to form a permanent thermal insulation which delays the increase in the temperature of the steel substrate. The above paint is applied to surfaces previously protected against corrosion with a primer paint or on galvanized surfaces prepared for this. The Flame Stal fire protection system creates a flexible and mechanically durable protection which is resistant to moisture, condensation water and atmospheric conditions, as well as the industrial atmosphere. As an intumescent layer, in combination with suitable undercoat and topcoat paints, it is used for fire protection of steel constructions with open and closed profiles which work on the outside or inside of objects including galvanized surfaces.

Our company is in possession of appropriate certificates which confirm our skills in the use of this binding (we have a valid License of the Contractor of the Flame Stal System).

Corrosive aggressiveness categories according to PN-ISO 12944 part 2 from C1 to C5M. Fire resistance class ranges from R-15 to R-90.

From 01.01.2016, our company also has a certificate allowing us to apply intumescent fire-resistant paints of the Firetex FX series from a well-known manufacturer Sherwin Williams.

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