The Energon offer includes everything that is necessary to perform an effective ventilation installation. Thanks to the use of our products, you can ensure high comfort of room using and fresh, healthy indoor air.

All ventilation elements – both ventilation ducts and air ducts as well as ventilation fittings are manufactured based on standards that are obligatory in Poland and the European Union. The machine park we own enables us to produce ventilation elements in accordance with individual needs and requirements of our clients, as well as with the use of standards: DX51 steel sheet and Z275 galvanized steel sheet. Our company also manufactures simple metal ventilation ducts and fittings with a circular and rectangular cross-sections. What’s more, we also produce roof elements with circular and rectangular cross-sections. In addition, we provide various dimensions of individual products and an attractive and competitive price list.

Air ducts

Our company offers you the necessary elements used to perform professional ventilation installations. Ventilation ducts are basic items in our product catalog. We offer a rectangular duct and a whole range of round welded or welded longitudinal ducts which are used for flange connections and for bands. In addition, we offer high quality ventilation ducts made of carefully selected galvanized and steel sheets. It is worth remembering that our products meet all standards and approvals, thanks to which they can be successfully used in all investments.


Ventilation ducts and fittings for ventilation are also included, as an important part, in our offer. Our company offers ducts and fittings made of sheet metal with a circular and rectangular sections. In our catalogue you will find products such as segmented bends in various dimensions, symmetrical and asymmetric arched bends, but also symmetrical and asymmetrical bends, symmetrical and reduction tee connectors, pipe and fitting connectors, as well as stub pipes with mesh, round stub pipes for ducts and round flexible stubs. What’s more, we offer you elements and accessories for installation, such as intake vents and exhaust terminals, throttle valves, ventilation grilles and hoods, which are made in standard and non-standard dimensions which depends on our customer’s request.