Energon SA, aware of its responsibility for the safety and health of its employees, undertakes to:

  • meeting the requirements of legal regulations and other requirements relating to the Company.
  • taking care of the customer’s safety.
  • striving to constantly improve the health and safety at work.
  • improving activities in the field of occupational health and safety in order to avoid losses caused by accidents at work.
  • continuous improvement and updating of the communication and internal transport system in order to reduce the risk of accidents and the nuisance of work.
  • ensuring the proper use of personal protective equipment for employees at workplaces with hazardous and harmful factors.
  • raising qualifications and increasing the involvement of employees in activities for health and safety at work.
  • striving to constantly improve the health and safety at work in the Company.
  • providing the necessary technical and financial resources as well as competent personnel to carry out the agreed tasks in the field of safety and health protection of employees.
  • training of the crew and managerial staff in order to improve professional qualifications and employees’ attitude to the issues of occupational health and safety.
  • commitment of the entire crew to the implementation of the Security Policy.

We will consistently implement the occupational health and safety policy described in this way together with the staff.